We offer you high quality food products online with the taste of yesteryear.

How do we know they are of the best quality?

Because L’avi Esteve tells us. He has made the choice to offer the best to our customers.

What is the result of producing in the traditional way?

Products made in the traditional way have nothing to do with most of those found in supermarkets. Dedication is not the same. L’avi Esteve knows perfectly well that in order to do things really well one must not be in a hurry, and one must let the natural rhythm of things do their work at every moment of elaboration. The products we offer you will not be found in large supermarkets.

Why is the product range not extensive?

Because L’avi Esteve only chooses the best.

Who isl’avi Esteve ?

L’avi Esteve comes from a family of Catalan viticulturists. He still remembers perfectly well that when he was a pig, he and his friends helped the big ones to tread the grapes until they removed the broth that was the result of a whole year of work. They also helped the elders to purge the vine shoots from the vines, and when it was strawberry season they cultivated them in the darkest corners. Aromatic herbs such as lavender allowed them to grow, so that the vines were impregnated with the natural flavor of the region. When the harvest came, the whole town took part, one way or another. One was aware that the difference between doing the right thing and doing the wrong thing could mean ruining a family. Taking care of the fields, nature and doing the work were different aspects of the same way of life.

Then the world changed and for more than fifty years my grandfather earned his living by traveling around noon and southern Europe looking for the best quality products. Due to the modernization of production processes and the majority tendency of many producers to reduce time and costs, finding the flavor of yesteryear had become an increasingly difficult task. And this has always been the obsession of l’avi Esteve.

Today, all those vineyards only exist in memory, and now you can see buildings and sections of highways. But still, Grandpa Esteve is still able to remember the taste of natural products made in the traditional way. These memories activate sensations, moments and rhythms of time that are part of the past. Some flavors are able to transport us to other times or places, so that if we choose the right products a daily and necessary activity such as eating becomes a comforting and healthy experience. Fortunately, in southern Europe it is still possible to find a few producers who love to do their job as their parents and grandparents taught them. These products are healthier and give us an incomparable taste. They’re not quick to make, nor are they the cheapest, but they’re probably the best in your geographic area. This is exactly what Grandpa Esteve is proposing to you. He has made the choice for you.

How to order products from l’avi Esteve?

Through this website, l’avi Esteve wants to bring all these products to the homes of all gourmets around the world, but for now the distribution is ready only for Andorra, Portugal, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany , Austria, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Ireland. All products are packaged to preserve the maximum freshness of the food and are packaged with great care so that they reach their destination in the best conditions. 

Dear gourmet, you can start enjoying the products that L’avi Esteve has selected especially for you!